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Video: Tom Racine reports on the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

A great 24 minute video by Tall Tale Radio’s Tom Racine reporting of the events and individuals of the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning:

Community Comments

#1 Tom Stemmle
@ 11:45 am

Congratulations, Anne and John! Just watching the taped report by TR made me wish I was there! I’m so happy it was a total success!

#2 Phil Judd
@ 3:50 pm

Fantastic interviews and a very inspiring looking event…wish I had that sort of stuff when I was a kid…drooling over those originals..well done to Uohn and Anne for putting it together..

#3 Phil Judd
@ 3:51 pm

John and Anne…

#4 Rich Diesslin
@ 7:47 pm

Great video Tom. It was fun to meet you and you did a wonderful job MCing the events!

#5 Jeff Payden
@ 10:30 am

Great video Tom. Looks like it was a whole lot of fun with some very talented artists. Wish I could have attended. Hopefully next year. Keep doing the wonderful work you do.

#6 Anne Hambrock
@ 2:47 pm

I have posted a long overdue list of “Thank You”s on the festival site.

Alan, you are definitely on the list!!!

#7 Anne Hambrock
@ 2:48 pm

And, of course, so are Tom Racine, Mike Cope, Rick Stromoski and a legion of others…..

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