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Help OSU Cartoon Library identify classic characters

Billy Ireland Library & Museum cartoon character textile

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum has a blanket or quilt with 120 classic cartoon characters stitched into it. They’ve identified most of them, but there are some still needing to be identified and they’re asking for your help.

From their blog:

When we received the Bill Blackbeard collection, among it was this textile of over 100 embroidered cartoon characters. Unfortunately, we do not know who produced such a marvel, but we?re working hard to at least identify each character they lovingly stitched into the fabric.

Do you recognize any of the characters? We have digitally numbered the textile, and you can enlarge the image by clicking on it (we recommend using your browser to zoom even further). Below it you will find our best guesses as well as a number of blanks that we would love your help on.

Community Comments

#1 Bill Otten
@ 4:23 pm

#24 is, (I believe), he has called, the “jeep” from the old Popeye.

#41 is Wimpy-also from Popeye

Of course 97 is Popeye

104 is Snoopy from Peanuts.

#46 I believe is Felix the cat. It’s hard to tell.

#55 is the Shmoo

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