Ohio license plate won’t say “Birthplace of Superman”

Robot6 reports that the proposed Ohio license plate recognizing Superman and his Ohio connection to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster won’t include the phrase “Birthplace of Superman” after DC Comics objected stating that Superman’s birthplace was Krypton.

Also reported was the news the license plate did not make it through the state’s Senate transportation committee before summer recess but should make it through in the fall session.

5 thoughts on “Ohio license plate won’t say “Birthplace of Superman”

  1. Massive free publicity for a 70+ year old comic character who hasn’t been in a blockbuster movie since the 80s? No way, because he was BORN ON KRYPTON! Just for that DC, put a million dollars in the Siegal/Schuster tip jar.

  2. The rejection’s for the best, because Ohio was actually the birthplace of Krypton, which then begat Superman.

    And of course, many of the state’s politicians are Kryptonite to their constituents.

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