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First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle illustration fetches $71k,

Auctioned TMNT illustration fetches $71k

Seems like the value of original cartoon art is rising. Heritage Auctions recently sold the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles illustration for $71,700. It was drawn by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle co-creator Kevin Eastman back in 1983. The winning bidder was anonymous. Profits of the auction go to The Hero Initiative, a non-profit he is active with that provides a financial safety net for comic artists and writers.

Community Comments

#1 Michael Corley
@ 6:16 am

As a teenager I bought two TMNT’s on a whim and was hooked. Later when I went back and purchased the first four trades I saw this sketch.
It gives you hope that you can get better, doesn’t it? :)

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