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Checkout: Jake Parker’s The Antler Boy and Other Stories

The Antler Boy and Other Stories
The Antler Boy and Other Stories

Jake Parker has launched a Kickstarter project to fund a collection of comic short stories that he’s created over the last eight years. The project has already met its funding goals with 28 more days left, but donors can still contribute and receive signed copies and other incentives.

Part of his pitch:

For the last 13 years I?ve been working as an artist on everything from toy commercials to feature films. For 5 years I worked in feature animation on the films Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age III, and Rio. I’ve also written and drawn my own graphic novel series, Missile Mouse, published by Scholastic imprint, Graphix. In between all that I’ve drawn several short stories which I want to collect in a book.

My book is called The Antler Boy and Other Stories and all of the stories were previously published in other comic anthologies like Flight or Out of Picture. Some are out of print and it’d be hard to track them all down so I thought it?d be great to collect them all in one book.

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