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Jeff Koterba featured in documentary on creativity and Tourette

Jeff Koterba, editorial cartoonist for the Omaha World-Herald, is being featured in a documentary on creativity and Tourette Syndrome. In addition to his editorial cartoons, Jeff is a writer and musician.

One of the most surrealistic moments I’ve ever experienced had to be watching myself twitch on the big screen-when I was able to watch, that is. Truth be told, there were moments when I had to close my eyes during a recent screening of the new documentary, Voluntary Gestures, by Stefan Morel. I mean, it’s uncomfortable enough listening to my voice in the recording studio when working on a new song. But watching myself twitch? Tough. Yet, what did I expect? The film is about the connection between Tourette’s and creativity.

I hope it comes to a theater (Sundance?) near me in the future. Looks like a film worth watching.

Community Comments

#1 Joe Engesser
@ 3:02 pm

Love the music, art and twitching…really hip, Jeff. Stefan’s intimate portrayal skillfully captures you in the creative zone. Looking forward to viewing the entire film…sure to inspire and receive many more accolades!

#2 Chad Townsend
@ 11:38 pm

Dear god I cried after watching this trailer. I have a mild form of Tourette’s and I could totally feel everything Jeff was dealing with. I currently work as a character designer for the Mouse. Drawing helps subdue it. I hope it doesn’t get as bad as this.

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