What if other comics followed Doonesbury’s lead?

The Hair Balls blog with the Houston Press has posted a round up of “What if other comic strips took on the sonogram bill?

A few papers pulled the comic for the week, opting to run older strips in its place. We applaud those who stood firm, and we applaud Trudeau — never one to shy away from controversy — for tackling this icky subject. We just wish more cartoonists would have done the same. But since they didn’t, Hair Balls took it upon ourselves.

A couple where funny. I winced a couple of them.

One thought on “What if other comics followed Doonesbury’s lead?

  1. Another week of Doonesberry headlines… I will wait another week before I check back. I like the fun topics that used to be posted here. These serious ones don’t interest me.

    Post more fun stuff. Find a good strip on Sherpa that needs discovery.

    How about an update on the Cartoonist Studio contest that I got knocked out of in round two. Man I stink at cartooning!!!!! It is a fun hobby though.

    I like the fun articles that help promote the people who give so much of their time and talent to entertain us… not those using the system for an agenda.

    Not saying the Doonesbury stuff isn’t news. It is and it is important… it just doesn’t float my boat.

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