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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Doonesbury

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow looks at the impact and politics of Doonesbury’s comic strip this week.

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Community Comments

#1 John Read
@ 5:21 pm

Wouldn’t it be funny if Gary McCoy now did an editorial cartoon lambasting ultra liberal Maddow because she supports Garry Trudeau – she says he’s “great” – and calls newspapers “cowardly” for not running this week’s “Doonesbury?”

#2 Joe Engesser
@ 7:51 pm

Rachel Maddull thinks talking fast and smiling makes her sarcastic, incoherent drivel funny. Still can’t find humor in an invasive procedure that’s killed millions of innocent human beings. Choose to keep women in the dark and the “mills” flowing. Let’s do a weeks worth of strips on that!

#3 Dan Olson
@ 12:03 am

JOE ENGESSER – Please provide a citation for how many millions of “innocent human beings” have been aborted and the time frame and countries involved. Otherwise you are just engaging in inflammatory rhetoric.

#4 Joe Engesser
@ 3:58 am

Google it… and check out

#5 Dan Olson
@ 5:39 am

JOE ENGESSER ? Sorry I asked for a citation, not an advocacy blog with no factual information.

#6 Joe Engesser
@ 6:02 pm

JOE ENGESSER says…check out the Guttmacher Institute statistics. Breaks it all down pretty clearly, Dan. There’s nothing to advocate. We all respect our First Amendment rights and should feel open to critique in this open forum.

#7 Stacy Curtis
@ 10:37 pm

No worry. Those millions of innocent human beings were Republicans.

#8 Joe Engesser
@ 3:53 am

…And sadly, probably half were female. Check out Gianna Jessen’s testimony. No bias there. .

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