Signe Wilkinson looking at uncertain future in Philly

The two Philadelphia dailies are heading into an uncertain future. Currently the two papers and their joint web property,, are up for sale and the papers are being combined with editorial separation. Buyouts are being offered to employees with the hopes of trimming the employee count. After Tony Auth leaves the Inquirer at the end of this month, Daily News editorial cartoonist Signe Wilkinson will be the last staff cartoonist in the city. She had hoped that Tony’s departure would make the prospect of keeping her position more likely. She’s waiting to see if 10 other employees take a buyout at her paper. If there aren’t enough voluntary buyouts she says, “I will be one of the people to go. I’m the only person in my “cartoonist” category so I have the least seniority!” As far as the prospect of moving to the sister-paper, she hopes the Inquirer will decide to replace Tony but hasn’t heard definitively.

2 thoughts on “Signe Wilkinson looking at uncertain future in Philly

  1. Auth is a major loss and the enormously talented Wilkinson would be, too. In fact, what’s happening with the Philly papers could be a major loss for journalism period. Depressing.

  2. Signe is the best! The fact that she has to worry about hanging on to her job is an injustice! She is an important voice for women and for common sense!

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