Network to apologize for death of Bugs Bunny

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has ruled that Global TV did not adequately warn its viewers of a violet part of a Family Guy episode in which Elmer Fudd shoots Bugs Bunny at close range and Bugs “died in a prolonged and dramatic manner.” The network must tell its viewers that it violated the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Violence code during primetime and then at a later date of its choosing.

“The panel finds that the scene was definitely somewhat gruesome and uncomfortable to watch,” it wrote. “It recognizes, however, that the scene was intended to satirize the violence found in that type of cartoon program. The gag was somewhat tongue-in-cheek since Family Guy itself is an animated program that sometimes contains violence.”

The offending show ran in July.

7 thoughts on “Network to apologize for death of Bugs Bunny

  1. In the original Looney Tunes cartoons, poor Elmer was shot or subjected to some kind of harm in every episode. It was high time for him to get revenge.

  2. If it had been a Warners Bros cartoon Bugs would be up and about in no time, just like Wile E Coyote did in his many confrontations with Road Runner.

  3. They should have reacted much more quickly. Thinking it over, examining the evidence, analyzing the actual situation — ah, those crazy Canucks! When will they join the 21st century??

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