Cartoon Movement to publish ‘Army of God’

On February 15, Cartoon Movement will launch the first monthly installment of Army Of God, an ambitious 100 page work of comics journalism by David Axe and Tim Hamilton focusing on the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Congo, the people they’ve terrorized, and the people fighting back.

Based on David Axe’s reporting from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010, Army Of God explores the history of the LRA and what is now one of the worst ongoing humanitarian crises in the world. Based on eyewitness accounts from captives and those working to stop the destructive militia, each chapter focuses on a different person and their role in the saga. With stark black and white artwork from Tim Hamilton, each character’s chilling account is brought to life, from diplomats to LRA soldiers to the women and children directly impacted by their campaign.

The first chapter recounts the Congo’s long history of colonialism, corruption, and strife that have set the stage for the conflict of today.

“The situation in Congo is changing rapidly in some regards, and in others it’s not changing at all,” says Axe. “Corrupt president Kabila just won re-election, most likely through massive voter fraud. His hold on power will be a stumbling block to improved security. But growing awareness of Congo’s problems, and a new U.S. military mission to help fight the LRA, offer some hope.”