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Annual Amateur Cartoonist Contest kicks off

Yesterday was the first day of this year’s Annual Amateur Cartoonist Contest sponsored by The Cartoonists Studio. This year there are 135 contestants (up from 119 last year).

Here’s the schedule for the elimination rounds.

Elimination Rounds voting starts voting ends
Round one Monday, 12:00 am 2/6 Sunday 5:00 am 2/12
Round two Monday, 12:00 am 2/13 Sunday 5:00 am 2/19
Round three Monday, 12:00 am 2/20 Sunday 5:00 am 2/26
Round four Monday, 12:00 am 2/27 Sunday 5:00 am 3/4
Round five Monday, 12:00 am 3/5 Sunday 5:00 am 3/11
Round six Monday, 12:00 am 3/12 Sunday 5:00 am 3/18
Round seven Monday, 12:00 am 3/19 Sunday 5:00 am 3/25
Round eight Monday, 12:00 am 3/26 Sunday 5:00 am 4/1
Round nine Monday, 12:00 am 4/2 Sunday 5:00 am 4/8
Round ten Monday, 12:00 am 4/9 Sunday 5:00 am 4/15
Winner Declared Monday Evening 4/16

The grand prize this year is being sponsored by Universal Uclick who will run the winner?s work on and the winner will be paid any money advertising money generated on their page. The Cartoonist Studio is also offering an electronic book publishing contract.

Head over and start voting.

Community Comments

#1 David Jones
@ 11:47 am

I entered two strips this year so I can be TWICE as bummed when I lose!!!! lol…..

Look for my strips Charmy’s Army and Just Say Cheese but PLEASE vote for who you truly feels deserves this awesome opportunity that is being rewarded.

Good luck everyone!!!!

#2 Keith Brown
@ 12:45 pm

I’m there under “Potluck!”

#3 Daniel Boris
@ 1:04 pm

Good luck guys!

#4 Keith Brown
@ 1:53 pm

Thanks Daniel

#5 John Hover
@ 8:07 pm

My comic strips Seafood and Hovercraft are both in the contest! Good luck to all the contestants!

@ 2:17 pm

I’m in there with my strip “Petey & The Pack”

I hope everyone enjoys it enough to give it a vote!

Good luck to all !!

#7 Keith Brown
@ 11:29 am

Well, I made it through round 1

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