Susie Cagle: Not so fast. Charges still pending

Based on a report by Mediabistro’s Fishbowl LA, several of us reported that misdemeaner charges against cartoonist, journalist Susie Cagle had been dropped after the Co-Chairs of the Freedom of Information Committee of The Society of Professional Journalists wrote a letter to the mayor and police chief. According to a letter posted on Daryl Cagle’s blog, the report of dropped the charges isn’t yet official.

I have yet to receive anything in writing, nor have I received verbal confirmation of my dropped charges from either the Oakland Police Department leadership or the Alameda County District Attorney. I’m still in this gray area waiting stage where I don’t really know what’s happening. Things could certainly be worse and even more vague for me. I remain confident that because the PIO has taken it upon herself to lobby on my behalf, I am likely to eventually be “P2-ed” with my charges dropped – but my arrest record remaining.

Good luck!

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