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Cartoonist Studio to hold 2nd cartooning contest

The fine folks over at The Cartoonist Studio are telling me that they will hold the second annual “So You Wanna Be a Cartoonist” contest. Details are still being hammered out, but what I do know is that the contest will start in January and that Universal Uclick will co-sponsor the contest. Some changes to the contest: there is a requirement for more cartoons upfront to get into the contest and judges will come from the Cartoonist Studio as well as the syndicate.

Last year the winner, Daniel Beyer, won a developmental contract with Creators Syndicate.

I should get more details closer to Thanksgiving.

Community Comments

#1 Daniel Boris
@ 11:38 am

Gonna sit this one out. Good luck to anybody who enters this one!

#2 david Jones
@ 4:53 pm

YEAH!!! I have two strips this time to enter. Two strips for TWICE the disappointment!!!!!! LOL….. Kidding. I plan on kicking @#$% this time!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmm…. gotta start planning some good stories.

#3 wade brumett
@ 10:45 am

It would be interesting to hear from the two winners of the last contest.

#4 David Jones
@ 1:52 pm

We were all winners….. lol…. I met some of the coolest people last time and they still stay in contact with me. It is not “what you know” but rather “who you know”……

#5 John Platt
@ 2:48 pm

Wow, it’s pretty exciting Universal Uclick is getting involved with this.

#6 G.M. Smith
@ 4:53 pm

I haven’t decided whether I will enter again this time. There were some glitches with the last contest that I hope they iron out. It was very difficult to get people to vote continually and then the votes had no bearing on the decision. I have, however, met some very nice cartoonists and it was a fun experience. The biggest problem with the voting was having people log in to place a vote. Is that really necessary? There must be other ways. I had no problem with the final decisions and I hope they are on their way to fame. In or out, I will follow the action.

#7 Steve Skelton
@ 5:14 pm

My two cents worth……and maybe it is only worth a penny.

Isn’t the whole idea of drawing a strip regularly and putting it on Sherpa or if you get the nod, putting it on GoComics pretty much the way the contest works? I am confused when a contest is launched while hundreds of cartoonists are already in the contest already. The contest called “Life”.

And what ever became of the last contest winner? Shouldn’t we get to see how well it has worked out for Daniel before we get our panties in a bunch over this?

Okay……half a cent.

#8 Steve Skelton
@ 5:15 pm

…Quarter of a cent. I said “already” twice, and without the lofty goal of alliteration.

#9 Jim Brenneman
@ 12:56 pm

I’ll probably do it because I just don’t know when to quit.

#10 John Hover
@ 9:06 pm

not too sure if im going to enter this time.. i agree with G.M. there were many glitches with the last contest, but on the other hand i met many great people… the over all experience was a positive one, but i still want to see the details of the next contest. later…

#11 John Platt
@ 5:19 am

Will Universal Uclick be offerering different contract terms as a prize?

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