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Check out For Better or For Worse animated series

I wasn’t aware there was an animated series of Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse.

Here’s the beginning and ending credits. I’m quite impressed about how Lynn-esque it is. They really kept the show in line with the spirit and look of the strip.

Here’s an episode:

The series lasted two seasons (eight episodes each) in 2000.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 8:32 pm

Ditto Alan – seems like it was a really good animation of the strip.

#2 C. Hart
@ 8:32 pm

It looks exactly like the comic strip! I’m impressed.

#3 Mike Cope
@ 8:39 pm

One of the best features of this series was seeing Lynn drawing her characters. A real treat. Though it only lasted 2 seasons, it’s lived on via reruns … at least, here in Canada :)

#4 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:11 pm

In the second animation, I wonder who came up with “C. Butts” on the janitor’s door? (At 3:50 in the video.)

#5 Charles Brubaker
@ 6:59 am

“For Better or For Worse” was animated a few times. There were various specials before the series, too.

#6 Tom Falco
@ 9:09 am

I always like to see what the characters sound like. You know, to see if what I am hearing in my head all these years matches up.

#7 John Platt
@ 3:53 am

I remember watching some animated half hour FBOFW episodes around 1993/1994 , does anybody know of these?

#8 Jimmy Delach
@ 12:36 am

I seem to remember “For Better Or For Worse” specials having aired on the Disney Channel back when it was a pay-TV service. Interesting the TV show never aired here in America though I’m sure that strip has had a solid following over the years.

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