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Wacom introduces cool new digital pen

From the “can I get one now” department comes news that Wacom is introducing a new digital pen called “Inkling” which allows artists the ability to draw on paper while the pen and receiver captures the drawing. The receiver is then hooked up to your computer and you can import the drawing into Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketchbook Pro. The pen tip looks like a ball point pen but has pressure sensitivity. You can even create virtual “layers” on your paper which are imported into real layers in your graphic application.

Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield has already beta tested it. He writes, “I?ll just say that it?s one of the easiest, and most ingenious inventions for people who spend 90% of the day with a pen in their hand.”

Here’s Wacom’s promotional video:

The Inkling will hit shelves in September and is priced at $199.

Community Comments

#1 rina piccolo
@ 7:11 am


#2 Brian Powers
@ 8:43 am


#3 Piers Baker
@ 8:53 am

Wow again!

I’ve been scanning pencil roughs and converting them to vector graphics for a while now but this could make the whole process even faster AND more fun. Hope it’s as accurate as it looks.

#4 Howard Tayler
@ 9:04 am

For $200 I can afford to experiment with this. I’m looking forward to it!

#5 John Platt
@ 9:17 am

I use a brush , can it I use it for my artwork?

#6 Paul Combs
@ 9:18 am

Hmmm, that could be useful!

#7 John Platt
@ 9:21 am

What I mean to say above is can it offer a variety of line width?

#8 Paul Combs
@ 9:31 am

John: It seems you only get the standard ball point pen – pressure sensitive, but no varying widths.

#9 Scott Metzger
@ 9:59 am

This looks awesome. Not a bad price, either.

#10 Steve Skelton
@ 10:34 am

Technology is moving too slowly. I still wait for a device that attaches to my brain so I can draw simply by envisioning it.

#11 Brian Powers
@ 10:43 am

This would be great for idea sketches and roughs. I was penny pinching for a Cintiq but I think I’ll buy this first and then start over again and save up for the $2000 monster that won’t be able to leave my desk.

#12 Daniel Boris
@ 11:22 am

Dark Magic if ever I seen it!
(WACOM continues to amaze – awesome!)

#13 Kat Ruhl
@ 12:08 pm

I want one of these so bad…it would make a lot of what I do so much simpler.

#14 Brian Powers
@ 12:34 pm

the layers aspect is intriguing for sure. I’m going to have to stand in line the night before (probably for no reason) for this one. ;)

#15 Drew Aquilina
@ 1:04 pm

I love my Wacom equipment. Can’t wait to include this pen in my arsenal.

#16 Alan Gardner
@ 2:05 pm

@Paul (#8) – the review by Jason Chatfield that I linked to hinted that there was some pressure sensitivity.

#17 Bearman Cartoons
@ 2:08 pm

While not specifically targeted to the drawing world like Wacom, Iogear has had the digital Scribe pen which looks very similar. Been out for a few years and under $100.

#18 Dan Bielinski
@ 2:16 pm

looks awesome.

#19 Karyl Miller
@ 4:31 pm

Gotta have it. Is it September yet?

#20 Brian Powers
@ 6:04 pm

Unfortunately Bearman, that Iogear pen only works with a PC, so not many artists using Macs ever considered it. Wacom has been the best quality for me in terms of sensitivity, reliability and quality since my beige SCSI 12×12 tablet in 1998. Can’t wait to try this out!

#21 Stephen Beals
@ 7:06 pm

This really beats drawing on my scanner with a dry erase marker.

#22 Keith Brown
@ 8:56 pm

Holy Crap! I am so getting one. Right now have to I trace my bitmap scans with a trace program to make my vector graphics. Wait a second. I use Corel and that looks like the one file type it doesn’t save in.

#23 Mark Hill
@ 9:51 pm

Brian is correct; similar technology has existed for a while, but as with most things Wacom does, you can be certain this will be the best. (Brian, you also mentioned saving for a Cintiq — I’ve been thinking about updating mine — but the 21UX has been unavailable for several months. Apparently the tsunami in Japan caused a shut down at the plant that produces the large illuminated touch screens.)

For now, this sounds like a neat way to by bypass scanning sketches.

#24 Alyssa
@ 11:54 pm

I want this pen. And a cintiq. And to be bankrupt, apparently. Because that’s what’s going to happen if I get the two.

#25 Brian Powers
@ 4:40 am

Thanks Mark, I didn’t know about the Wacom 21UX unavailability. Since I didn’t have the cash to spend, I tried not to look at it too often. A guy I work with has one at home but I haven’t even went over to look at it yet because I know when I see one in person – I’LL JUMP OFF THE CLIFF and go into debt.

#26 Mark Hill
@ 2:06 pm


You’re right about the cliff thing. –One reason I’m almost relieved that they are out of stock for a while.

#27 R Pyle
@ 8:19 pm

Oooh. Shiny. Want.

#28 Keith Brown
@ 8:29 pm

Just found out they don’t support Corel Files. Bummer.

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