Letterhead from rich and famous cartoonists

Letterheady is a site devoted to showcasing letterhead design. Tom Spurgeon linked to a copy of letterhead used by Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. A bit of digging yields two different letterheads that Bill used. I also dug around to see what other cartoonists used a formal letterhead. I found one from Johnny Hart (B.C., Wizard of Id), Rube Goldberg (cartoonist, inventor, founding member of National Cartoonists Society) and Ham Fisher (Joe Palooka).

Click on the thumbnails below to see the larger version over on Letterheady.

Bill Watterson late 1980s

Bill Watterson early 1990s

Johnny Hart

Rube Goldberg

Ham Fisher

11 thoughts on “Letterhead from rich and famous cartoonists

  1. I’m lucky enough to have a letter from Bill, it has the picture with Calvin and Hobbes bouncing out the door on it.

  2. That’s funny that this was posted, because I have been trying to find business cards used by cartoonists. I want to redo mine and was wondering what others use.

  3. These are neat. I consider it kind of a lost art. I think I’ve been asked for a business card three times in the last eight years. Everything is in my contacts on my phone, and email with a simple signature has replaced letterhead.

    Unless you’re sending a bill. A bill has a severely looking font, straight lines and rectangles to organize everything. Maybe we need happy cartoons on bills.

  4. I also still have the Calvin and Hobbes envelope the letter came in. It has a pic of Hobbes lying down with Calvin curled up next to him.
    I have a letter from Lynn Johnston circa 1993 with the Patterson family on it , April still a little baby. Also a neat sketch of Nancy done by Jerry Scott on his letter head paper.Similar ones by Tom Armstrong ,Jim Davis and Greg Evans. I got one from Schulz but from his secartary but still on Snoopy paper.

  5. And there’s a fourth letterhead by Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes sitting under a tree.

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