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Artistic interpretations of Captain America

The new Captain America movie opens up this weekend. Jennifer Moline over at Inspiredology has posted 17 artistic interpretations of the Captain America character.

Here’s one of my favorites from the list by Chris Uminga.

Other include: Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, pnutink, Skottie Young, Konjour, Mattia Sensi, John Drogalis, Eric Tan, Ed Foychuk, Danny Wake, “wlkr”, Z-Control, martegodpop, and Thomas Boatwright.

Here’s the official trailer:

I’m kinda burned out on the super-hero genre. I’ll pick this up on Netflix/Redbox when it goes to DVD.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Racine
@ 7:17 pm

Saw the film, and it’s the best superhero movie in years. It’s in my top 5 for sure.

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