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Mort Walker explains classic Beetle Bailey strips

Here’s a video montage of Mort Walker talking about classic Beatle Bailey strips.

Beetle Bailey: August 30, 1954

Beetle Bailey: February 25, 1964

Beetle Bailey: December 6, 1965

Beetle Bailey: May 19, 1969

Community Comments

#1 Xris Parsell
@ 2:44 pm

Wow, love seeing the original art in these videos! Or at least, I think those are the originals Mr. Walker is holding in his hands.

#2 Larry Levine
@ 1:47 pm

Wish I could meet Mort and thank him for a lifetime of laughs and inspiration!!!

#3 Ryan Brown
@ 2:46 pm

I agree Larry. Beetle Bailey was and still is today a must-read when I pick up the comic section of the newspaper.

#4 Bob Weber Jr.
@ 4:10 pm

This would be a good time to say thanks to Mort for the opportunity to meet him and many other great cartoonists in the early 80’s at his former cartoon museum in Port Chester, NY. Thanks, Mort!

#5 B Birdashaw
@ 7:15 pm

These are great, but way too brief. I could hear him explain his comics for hours

#6 Andrew Caddell
@ 10:16 am

I laughed so hard yesteday after I read the “Beetle Bailey” strip. I immediately showed the strip to my dad and he said to me, “Yep, that’s me alright”. :)

#7 Barclay Fleming
@ 9:58 am

Looking for the date of a Beetle Bailey strip showing Beetle doing some stressful task with the last frame stating “Fun time watch Beetle bleed.

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