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Ryan Pagelow’s BUNI added to GoComics

I noticed that Universal Uclick has added Ryan Pagelow’s Buni to their line-up. Ryan was a finalist in the Amazon comics contest that was run a couple of years ago.

Here’s how they describe it:

Buni is one part Lio, two parts Pepe, three parts Henry, a dash of Perry Bible Fellowship and three quarts of The Megan Mullaly Show.

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Beals
@ 3:21 pm

I’m glad to see it’s still around. I lost track of it, but did vote for it in the contest.

#2 Jesse Cline
@ 3:52 pm

Woah, congrats Ryan! Buni rocks.

#3 jack whitby
@ 6:33 pm

How much do you get paid to appear on GoComics? Anyone?

#4 David Jones
@ 8:12 pm

Congrats Ryan!!!!

#5 Rene Bakewell
@ 9:41 pm

What exciting news!!! I fell in love with poor sweet little Buni during Amazon contest. I am so happy to read this! Congrats!!

#6 John Platt
@ 6:21 am

Whatever happened to the winner ‘Girl’? I thought it would have come out as a strip by now

#7 Vince
@ 9:03 am

Buni was one of my favorites from the amazon contest. Super happy to read it now on GoComics!! I didn’t even realize he has been running it as a webcomic since 2010.

#8 Bridgett Spicer
@ 10:03 am

Congratulatoryness, Ryan! You GO!

#9 Daniel Boris
@ 11:26 am

Congrats, Ryan!

( Every strip good enough to make the finals of a major on-line contest should be added to GoComics. Yeah, man! )

@ 6:39 pm

Always good to see this

#11 Brian Powers
@ 11:49 am

great comic, great guy

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