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Interviewed: Pixar’s John Lasseter on Cars 2 spy theme

A couple of weeks ago I posted a trailer for Cars 2 and noted, “My stomach knotted up after watching this trailer ? and not in the good way.”

IGN has interviewed John Lasseter, Disney and Pixar Chief Creative Officer and director of Cars 2, and asked why the spy theme (among other questions).

GN: What did spark this film’s idea?

Lasseter: It came from my own personal experiences of traveling around doing publicity for Cars and thinking about, “What would Mater do? What would McQueen do in these kinds of situations?” In Tokyo and London and Paris and Italy and all these places. And I thought, “Oh, this would be really fun ? to take them around the world.”

And then also, I loved, loved, loved spy movies. I have five sons and we’re just crazy about spy movies, all types. And I grew up on The Man From Uncle. That was my favorite show when I was a kid. And I just thought, “Okay, this is going to be so much fun – to reimagine a spy movie in the car world.”

I’m still uncertain of the film based on trailers, but one thing I’ve learned is not to bet against Pixar and John’s one of the best.

Community Comments

#1 Tiki Carol Leach
@ 11:17 am

I “2” am unsure about the trailers ;)
I must say I love the “Action Figures” released so far.

#2 John Platt
@ 1:20 am

I don’t really understand how a famous car character can be a secret agent?

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