Zapiro depicts Zuma as would be rapist. Again

Jonathan Shapiro (AKA Zapiro) has once again depicted South African president Jacob Zuma preparing to rape a woman. This cartoon depicts Zuma with iconic shower head in front of a woman labeled “Free Speech” being held by the ANC with Lady Justice (the target of the last rape cartoon) warning Free Speech “Fight, sister, fight!”

The issue at hand is a controversial bill called the Protection of Information Bill which many people fear would silence the media and whistle blowers.

Yesterday Shapiro said: ?Careful thought was given to it. I discussed it with the editor (Nic Dawes) as I always do when a cartoon has the potential to be explosive.?

He said he felt strongly about the serious threat posed by the bill. ?Silencing the media and whistleblowers is terrible. I wanted to communicate the need to fight for freedom of expression and free speech. I?m angry and upset about the bill. The whole of society will be badly affected. It?s appalling and it?s not what our constitution stands for.?

Zapiro is currently defending himself in a defamation suit after a 2008 editorial cartoon depicted then candidate Zuma preparing to rape Lady Justice. Zuma is suing Zapiro for R5 million.

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  1. Please, will all of you who stand for press freedom throughout the world support Zapiro. Press freedom in South Africa is no longer a right enshrined in our Constitution.

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