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Stahler’s editor concludes cartoon was a coincidence

Earlier this week, it was questioned whether a cartoon drawn by Columbus Dispatch editorial cartoonist Jeff Stahler was lifted from a fake headline by Andy Borowitz. According to Jim Romenesko, Jeff’s editors have investigated the cartoon in question and have concluded the timing of the two was a big coincidence.

Email from Dispatch editor Ben Marrison to Romenesko:

We investigated Mr. Borowitz?s allegation yesterday and today. What we know is that [Dispatch cartoonist] Jeff [Stahler] created the cartoon Wednesday, submitted it Thursday (the same day Borowitz?s piece appeared), and published it Sunday. Jeff was not familiar with Borowitz?s piece until Borowitz himself brought it to our attention. It appears to be a coincidence.

Community Comments

#1 Jim Lavery
@ 10:16 am

Awesome–I’m gonna knock the syndicates dead with my strip submission featuring an imaginative boy and his stuffed tiger who comes to life. Does he come to life in actuality or in the boy’s imagination? We’ll just have to see, won’t we!

@ 11:53 am

A coincidence? The editor has got to be kidding. He must be Stahler’s father-in-law. That’s it, I’m canceling my subscription to the Columbus Dispatch.

#3 Jeff Darcy
@ 12:24 pm

Another fake news story: “Jeff Stahler and Andy Borowitz
are long lost twins who think alike and finish each others
sentences and phony ipad-adultry study jokes”

In comedy timing is everything.

#4 Jeff Darcy
@ 4:20 pm

Awesome-I’m gonna knock the syndicates dead with my strip
featuring an imaginative boy and his tiger who comes to life.
Does he come to life in real life or just in the kids noggin?
You’ll just have to wait an see, won’t you.

Editorial note: I thought up the above comment Tuesday,
submitted it Wed. and its just been posted today.

This is the first I’ve heard of Jim Lavery and his similar post,

I now have get back to finishing up my Sunday cartoon on
iphone’s leading to fewer people cheating and overeating. It’s got
like 10 people in it

#5 Jim Lavery
@ 6:03 am

Jeff, I like your idea for your Sunday toon. Too bad I’ll be using it on Saturday. Coincidences are a b!#ch.

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