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New Cars 2 trailer shows 007 plot

I LOVE Pixar films.

My stomach knotted up after watching this trailer – and not in the good way.

Community Comments

#1 JW Wills
@ 9:13 am

Looks fine to me. Not every Pixar movie has to make you cry like a baby.

#2 Mark Hill
@ 11:31 am

I see what Alan is saying.

It seems to me that some folks at Pixar, (not sure if it’s Brad Bird, or who), have a ‘thing’ for James Bond.

“The Incredibles” also had a definite 007 influence…music, architecture and even the island rock formations used near the villain’s lair were taken straight from some early Bond films. I thought it was pretty cool, to be honest.

But with this new Cars film, perhaps it begins to border on more than just a tip of the hat to one’s influences…

Speaking of such things, apparently some folks have thought about it and had some fun with it. Check this out…

#3 Jason Hackett
@ 11:48 am

This might make me want to watch Cars 2 more than once. The first one was a bit too linear and, frankly, boring.

#4 Tiki Carol Leach
@ 9:44 am

James Bond’s Aston Martin.
Brilliant to write it in, but I would be really surprised if the entire move is a spy flick

#5 R Pyle
@ 10:19 am

Why are metal cars going through metal detectors?

#6 B Birdashaw
@ 8:06 am

I was skeptical when the first Cars movie came out. It didn’t look appealing, and I was really afraid Pixar was going to make a movie I would hate. I saw it in the theater and really liked it. This trailer might be a horrible way to judge the movie, Pixar hasn’t steered us wrong before (no pun intended) I say we can give them a fair shot.

#7 Dave Stephens
@ 12:13 am

I never met a small boy that did not play with cars – Bringing a small boy’s Hot Wheels dream to life was a genius idea and this movie appears to have a lot more story and character development – I’m looking forward to it and the 007 angle just gives the adults more pop culture satire to appreciate…

#8 Gar Molloy
@ 5:10 am

Well, they’re trying something different, anyway. I’m curious to see how it works out.

Although I’m going to go ahead and treat the entire story as ‘Andy playing with his toy cars’, because that way it’ll make sense.

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