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Watch episode: Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire

Here’s another editorial cartooning video gem. PBS did an episode on three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad and his work with the LA Times called Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire. Watch the episode below.

Community Comments

#1 Alec Fritz
@ 5:28 pm

Thanks to him and his contemporaries, there are no more lying politicians. Enjoy the Pulitzers.

#2 Keith Brown
@ 6:21 pm

That was absolutely inspring! It’s has breathed new life into my efforts no matter what state the newspapers are in.

#3 wade brumett
@ 5:01 am

Thanks for posting this and the cspan one as well. I have really enjoyed them both!

#4 B.j. Dewey
@ 10:11 am

The essential Conrad really came out nicely in this video, but it was frustrating to have so little time – sometimes only a fraction of a second – to view the comics. I didn’t expect to see everything every time, but I felt I missed just about everything every time. And sometimes even the meaning of the cartoon was not clear. And I saw a lot of extra fluff stuff they could’ve cut to make more time for the cartoons, which are, btw, what it’s all about.

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