Libya: Denmark leading campaign against Islam

Libyan state run television didn’t take too long to mention Denmark’s involvement in the NATO enforced no-fly zone was connected to the Danish Mohammad cartoons published in 2005.

On Tuesday morning, Libyan television accused Denmark – falsely – of controlling the operation that destroyed Bab al-Azizya, Gaddafi’s headquarters in Tripoli.

The Libyan news announcer, who switched from Arabic to English in the middle of the newscast, said “the fact that Denmark, which has led a campaign against Islam and Muslims for years with its blasphemous caricatures of Mohammed, is leading the bombings, shows that the aggression is a crusade against the Muslim people, including the Libyan people, with the goal being to terrorise Muslims and to wipe out Islam.”

I suspect that such statements are attempts at weakening The Arab League who supported the UN resolution passed last weekend.