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Washington City Paper brings back comics

ComicsDC blogger and City Paper columnist Mike Rhode reports that the Washington City Paper has brought back it’s comics that it dropped back in 2008.

The new line up will include two long-time contributors to City Paper, Derf and Shawn Belschwender with The City and Clowntime respectively and two strips new to City Paper readers: Up All Night by Michael Kupperman and Wondermark by David Malki.

“We’re thrilled to have comics back,” says creative director Jandos Rothstein “I know a lot of our readers missed them-and we did too, especially Ad Director David Walker who really rallied for the page when we were planning our redesign. It felt especially good to get Derf’s The City back in the paper-it ran for nearly 20 years before the cuts, and we’d used Derf as an illustrator-it really felt like his work was part of who we were visually and editorially.”

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#1 donna lewis
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#2 Anton Emdin
@ 5:15 pm

Great news. Let’s hope more follow suit.

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