Cagle declares Yahtzee on tsunami

Daryl Cagle is pointing out that the tragedy in Japan is creating three similar visual response: the Japanese rising sun, Godzilla and waves depicted in the Japanese art style. As usual when several cartoonists (in this case from around the world) use the same metaphor – he calls it Yahtzee.

One thought on “Cagle declares Yahtzee on tsunami

  1. “Yahtzee” hmmm… Alan could you tell us more?

    Does the meaning have anything to do with the game ‘yahtzee’, or is simply a word that is simply so cool, that if it is not a word – it should be a word?

    Couple of other yahtzee’s emerging re Japan’s tsunami, – seismic played, and the international radiation symbol.

    Surprising the international atomic symbol, three electron shells, about a nucleus has not been played/used/yathzeed

    Why is that?.

    Then there is this ==>

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