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Cagle declares Yahtzee on tsunami

Daryl Cagle is pointing out that the tragedy in Japan is creating three similar visual response: the Japanese rising sun, Godzilla and waves depicted in the Japanese art style. As usual when several cartoonists (in this case from around the world) use the same metaphor – he calls it Yahtzee.

Community Comments

#1 knedo
@ 6:33 pm

“Yahtzee” hmmm… Alan could you tell us more?

Does the meaning have anything to do with the game ‘yahtzee’, or is simply a word that is simply so cool, that if it is not a word – it should be a word?

Couple of other yahtzee’s emerging re Japan’s tsunami, – seismic played, and the international radiation symbol.

Surprising the international atomic symbol, three electron shells, about a nucleus has not been played/used/yathzeed

Why is that?.

Then there is this ==>

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