Graham Nolan’s Sunshine State going into syndication

Comic book and Rex Morgan, M.D. artist Graham Nolan has announced that his webcomic Sunshine State has been picked up for syndication, but hasn’t announced with which. Launch date is in the May/June timeline and if I had to guess, I’d say it will be through King Features. Either way, Congrats Graham!

There are a couple things to workout so the syndicate will remain a mystery for now but I have the utmost confidence in them and in their ability to make SUNSHINE STATE a huge hit. We are looking to begin launching the strip to papers sometime in May/June. I will let you know when to start hounding your local features editor to demand it appear in your paper!

The dream of every cartoonist is to eventually end up in newspapers. In years past, this was the only avenue for a cartoonist if he wanted to be successful. Now, in this digital age it is no longer the case. The internet allows everyone’s voice to be heard. But, for an old school guy like me, there is nothing as cool as the tangible aspect of holding a newspaper with a cup of coffee and reading the comics. With all the bad news out there in the world, SUNSHINE STATE will be everyone’s daily vacation on the comics page. A respite from reality and a return to innocence and whimsy. Somebody pour me a cup of coffee…the fun is just beginning.

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  1. Wow. Between this and Joe Staton being on Dick Tracy, some of my favorite artists are going to be in papers on a daily basis. Cool.

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