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Video: Batman drawn on an iPad

Pretty cool. Anyone know which app he’s using?

H/T: GoComics and Comics Alliance

Community Comments

#1 Darrin Stephens
@ 6:19 pm

dang thats cool

#2 Anne Hambrock
@ 7:24 pm

Wow! Thanks for posting this – these are my favorite kind of Daily Cartoonist topics.

#3 rodd perry
@ 7:31 pm

This video makes me think several things:

1. men should wear socks with loafers

2. who is the poor schlub who has to hold the camera over his shoulder for half an hour while he’s showing off?

3. what if it turns out that ipads cause testicular cancer?

#4 Chris
@ 8:26 pm

Using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

@Rodd Perry: Three novel wonderings. Hilarious.

#5 Bryan Senka
@ 11:34 pm

He’s the world’s greatest finger painter!

#6 John Read
@ 12:21 pm

Can an iPad really enable you to draw that fast?!

#7 Graham Nolan
@ 12:37 pm

Seems like a lot of work and time for a simple head sketch.

#8 Rob Leigh
@ 12:46 pm

That’s Jim Lee. He’s using Sketchbook Pro.

#9 Jeff Pert
@ 1:40 pm

Y’know, I THOUGHT it was Jim Lee, just from the drawing.

#10 Frank White
@ 12:18 pm

Anybody noticed that Gocomics has taken the suscriber totals away from their A-Z listings for both the Sherpa strips AND the official Gocomics list? Why?

#11 Frank White
@ 12:20 pm

Also the comic desriptions have gone from the Sherpa list too.

#12 Tiki Carol Leach
@ 2:24 pm

Yes, that has me pretty bummed.
Granted I only had 58 subscribers back on 02.05.11 (last I actually wrote total down). but it was nice to check and watch it go up one or two every couple days.


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