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Adrian Tomine creates comic for his wedding

NPR reports that graphic novelist and The New Yorker illustrator Adrian Tomine created a comic to give to his wedding guest.

When Adrian Tomine and Sarah Brennan started planning their wedding, they puzzled over what to give their guests as favors: a customized chocolate bar? A personalized mug?

Then Brennan had an idea. Tomine is a cartoonist and the author of comics, a graphic novel, and illustrations for The New Yorker magazine. So Brennan thought he could draw a little comic book for their guests ? short strips about getting ready for their wedding. And so, he did.

Now, those cartoons ? simple pen and ink drawings ? are published in the tiny book Scenes from an Impending Marriage: a Prenuptial Memoir.

Community Comments

#1 keith poletiek
@ 2:37 pm

Heard the NPR interview with the two of them yesterday. Reminded me, again, that little ideas can become big. I tend to dream about big plans, and never get to them because they appear, and are, such a huge undertaking. I’m going back through my little things. nothing sketched, quick doodles to see if there’s a diamond in the rough.

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