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Super Bowl Pug to be featured in a new comic strip

Bow Wows & Meows creator Bruce Robinson plans to debut the pug in the Super Bowl Doritos commercial in his comic strip.

BOW WOWS & MEOWS creator, Bruce Robinson said, “Pugs are one of my favorite dog breeds and I was happy to see one of them get their rightly deserved international attention…especially when she ( “Oko Nono” the pug) loves Doritos as her favorite snack, just like I do!”
Robinson said, “I thought the cartoons would be a fun way to let people know about how cool pugs are and how they are known in real life for their funny antics. Combine their real life fun personality with the cartoon format and you have a recipe for pure comedy!”
BOW WOWS & MEOWS already features a pug by the name of Pugster who pops in the cartoons from time to time. Robinson said he is already at the drawing board working up sketches of the “Big Introduction” where Pugster meets Oko Nono. “I think I’ve come up with some real rib ticklers,” Robinson said. Readers and viewers of BOW WOWS & MEOWS can expect to see the “Big Introduction” soon. Robinson said he is working hard on the final drawings to get the “Big Introduction” up on the BOW WOWS & MEOWS website ( by next Monday, which is Valentines Day.

Community Comments

#1 Mark_Tatulli
@ 11:51 am

Lordie, Lordie, Lordie….

#2 rodd perry
@ 12:00 pm

This is truly reflective of how brands and content and vertically integrated, platform agnostic entertainment experiences that engage and have social media stickiness is all converging.

Take notes, old timers.

#3 Shane Davis
@ 12:37 pm

I think Mr. Robinson is simply trying to broaden his income stream in face of tricky, unsure economy. And you know, when life gets tricky and unsure for you, it’s nice to have the good folks at Mutual of Omaha to turn to!

Whether its health and accident coverage, life insurance, pension and annuity products or retirement and estate planning, Mutual of Omaha had you covered!

And when you combine their real life financial service abilities with cartoon forum format, you have a recipe for pure comedy!

Mutual of Omaha are ‘The People Who Pay!’ Call today!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled cartoonist forum…

#4 Jesse Cline
@ 12:44 pm

Hilarious, Shane. I owe you a tall cool Coor’s Light. Iced brewed in the Rockies with 100% US hops and barley, it’s the world’s most refreshing beer®.

#5 Isaiah McAllister
@ 6:53 pm

Um… How about,

Oko Nononononononononononononononononononononono!

#6 Shane Davis
@ 9:06 pm

I’m waiting for his reaction when Oko Nono gets run over: “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more!”

Ok, I’m really sorry, I just got a little excited, that’s all…

#7 Tony Piro
@ 10:42 am

Is this even legitimate news? No where in the article does it mention that Doritos endorses the use of their character. Is this just a lame attempt to get some press?

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