Bob Scott’s Molly and the Bear joins

Bob Scott’s Molly and the Bear has moved up from Comics Sherpa to join other web only comics on

Bob is a veteran animator who has worked with Pixar and Dreamworks Animation. Tom Racine interviewed Bob back in 2009 for this Tall tale Radio podcast.

8 thoughts on “Bob Scott’s Molly and the Bear joins

  1. ‘Molly and the Bear’ is a great comic too (I say ‘too’ because I just got done praising ‘Axe Cop’).

    Like ‘Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog’ it’s just a matter of time before MOTB is syndicated…or, y’know…whatever replaces syndication. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I wonder why that took so long and whether they’ll ever get around to trying M&B out in the newspapers, or whether they’ll leave it to another syndicate…

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