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Profiled: Michael Pohrer returns to Alma Mater

Editorial cartoonist Michael Pohrer (AKA: “MJ”) returned to his Alma Mater, Francis Howell located in Weldon Springs, to discuss the art of cartooning.

The Cartoonist, MJ stated “I met and talked with the current student body. I was impressed* with the level of quality material that the students were producing. I got to watch quite a few of them do illustrating / cartooning projects. I was simply amazed by the professional looking material.”

Community Comments

#1 Beth Fischer
@ 4:14 pm

That is really cool and inspiring to know that someone cares enough to give back to the community. I was lucky enough to meet MJ at a convention last year. He was very approachable and friendly and sketched me an oirginal autographed cartoon.

#2 Alan Gray
@ 6:06 pm

MJ is a cool guy and a great cartoonist. I love his work and he is a giver. Thanks to the Daily Cartoonist for recognizing MJ.

#3 Bearman Cartoons
@ 8:34 am

My alma mater never asked me back..haha

Nice job MJ.

#4 George
@ 10:28 am

Congratulations, MJ! It’s quite an honor to be invited back to your alma mater for recognition of any kind. I have revisited my former high school numerous times, but I’ve yet to hear from my former university. I honestly don’t think anyone’s still there from when I attended during the early 90’s. :)

#5 George Ford
@ 12:18 pm

Sorry about not having a last name listed in my previous comment. I’m using a different computer than I normally would.

#6 MJ (Michael Pohrer)
@ 12:21 pm

Thanks for the shout out here at TDC Alan, I really appreciate it!
@ Beth – Hope you are enjoying your sketch, thanks for dropping by the booth, and the continual support.
@ Alan – Thanks for the kind words.
@ Bearman – Thanks for the support.
@ George – It’s definitely cool to be able to speak to students in the educational institutions. I have such a great time doing these types of speaking engagements. This is where the next generation of cartoonists are coming from.

#7 Tony McGurk
@ 2:03 pm

Congratulations MJ. That’s a great article & I am impressed to see the great work you are doing at that school

#8 Binky
@ 9:23 pm

You must be doing something right if you’re invited back to your alma matter. Nice to give a little inspiration to the newer generation since the prospect of newspaper cartooning is pretty grim these days.

#9 MJ (Michael Pohrer)
@ 10:14 pm

@ Tony – Thanks, the impressive stuff is helping out all the other charities I support though.
@ Peter – Unfortunately when I do these I do have to tell the audience the honest truth that it is a mighty grim outlook. During this last round of presentations I actually told those in attendance they should probably focus towards animation if they wanted to pursue cartooning. Features Editors at newspapers are all always afraid of change, you just have to be continually persistent.

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