Dick Locher retires from Dick Tracy

Tribune Media Services has announced a new creative team to keep the long-running comic Dick Tracy running. Dick Locher is stepping down after 32 years with the strip. Dick was an assistant to Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould fro three years starting in 1957 and then resumed artistic duties in 1983 after Rick Fletcher passed. Dick took over writing duties as well in 2006.

“For a long and wondrous 32 years I’ve been in the right-hand seat of Tracy’s squad car,” said Dick Locher. “I can only hope that in this time I’ve entertained my readers and lived up to the lofty expectations of Chester Gould’s glow. It’s been an incredible ride, but this is where I step off.”

The creative team will be artist Joe Staton and writer Mike Curtis. The new story arc from this new team will appear in newspapers the week of March 14.

4 thoughts on “Dick Locher retires from Dick Tracy

  1. Congratulations to Mike Curtis. He’s been a follower of “Tracy” for years, and he’s passionate about the strip. I know he’ll do a bang-up job.

  2. But how long could the Curtis/Stanton team for Dick Tracy keep the strip going? Maybe lasting beyond the 1 year anniversary of the last Brenda Starr comic strip?

  3. The Wonder Bread Factory closed in NY after 130 years..but Dick Tracy keeps on going….” Mr. Curtis, would you be able to handle both the Dick Tracy strip and running the factory ?…lol, congratulations Mr. Curtis.

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