Piers Baker examines his third year in syndication

Ollie and Quentin creator Piers Baker just passed his third year in syndication. He’s posted his thoughts about another year in syndication and the trials of trying to be funny when your world collapses

So, what of this third year? I have accepted that O&Q haven’t exactly set the US comic industry alight but I’m convinced my work is better than ever and it will only be a matter of time before it gets the foothold it so deserves. I wouldn’t say this if I thought my work stank. At O&Q’s launch in 2008 I was asked if I thought there was a difference between the US and UK senses of humor. At the time I thought there was very little difference, I loved Calvin and Hobbes, Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, Scrubs etc so we must share the same sense of humor… I was wrong. I underestimated the differences between us… big time. I get a far better reaction to my work here in the UK than in the US. Ah well, let’s hope the US sense of humor catches up with that of us Brits before my contract runs out! ;o)

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