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What comics are available for the Kindle?

Tom Mason took the time to browse Amazon’s selection of comics for the Kindle.

Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? Want to fill it up with comics? I went to Amazon this afternoon and searched their official comics section – but only the first 700 listings (yes, I have that kind of free time) out of around 3800 or so and found a few things that I’d put on my Kindle.

Of course, your mileage may vary…

I looked over Amazon’s selection and was surprised – they had more comics than I expected. Since the Kindle doesn’t display color, I can’t imagine many of the comics (black and white comic strips notwithstanding) to be very engaging.

Anyone else using their Kindle for reading comics?

Community Comments

#1 John Read
@ 2:48 pm

I got a Kindle last Christmas. I most definitely do not enjoy reading comics on it (I’ve sampled several different books) and, like many people I know, hoped to find an iPad under the Christmas tree this year (partly) because reading comics/cartoons on it is pretty cool. Still, nothing electronic beats holding a real book in my hands. In the last month alone I’ve bought seven new cartoon books.

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