5 arrested for “imminent” terror plot in Denmark

Five individuals were arrested in what The Danish Security and Intelligence Service suspect was an “imminent” plot to “kill as many of the people present as possible” at newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The Jyllands-Posten was the paper that printed the now famous Mohammad cartoons in 2005.

From the Global Post:

PET said the Danish arrests, made at two apartments on the outskirts of the capital, Copenhagen, were preceded by an extensive investigation conducted in close cooperation with the Swedish Security Service, Sapo.

Arrested were a 44-year-old Tunisian national, a 29-year-old Lebanese-born Swedish national, a 30-year-old Swede whose country of origin was not yet known, and a 26-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker living in Denmark.

At the same time, Swedish authorities arrested a 37-year-old Swedish national of Tunisian origin.