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Booboo Kills Yogi Bear ending

Not sure who did this – the animators working off hours? A purposely leaked alternative ending to go viral and get film’s title out among the public?

Catch it while you can. The Booboo Kills Yogi ending:

Community Comments

#1 Scott Metzger
@ 4:40 pm

Wow, that is really dark. But not in a good way.

Maybe it’s a parody of something I’m not aware of. I don’t know…it’s just wrong.

#2 August J. Pollak
@ 4:55 pm

Umm… it says right at the very end “who did this” and they say they’re not affiliated with the production company at all; that they just made an animation using all the promo materials as reference.

Which is honestly a far more impressive feat.

#3 Rick Kirkman
@ 5:52 pm

It’s based on the scene from “The Assassination of Jesse James By That Coward Robert Ford.” I haven’t seen the movie, but the scene looked familiar from an old Jesse James movie, so I found the newer version on YouTube. Same music.

Creepy, but impressive.

#4 Scott Metzger
@ 6:13 pm

Rick, thanks. I had a feeling it had to be a parody of something.

I Googled it and read an article about the guy behind this piece. Now that I know that only one guy did this with just the help of one friend (voice talent), it makes me view it a little differently.

I still don’t like it but it’s very impressive how he pulled it off. The look of it is amazing.

#5 Isaiah McAllister
@ 8:33 pm

Y’know. Something about this just doesn’t smell right.

On one hand, I doubt that the makers of the “YOGI BEAR” movie, would purposely create something so dark to be affiliated with their family friendly movie.

Yet, I’m astounded that just one guy could create character models that look astoundingly like the ones in the film, just going on images from the trailer in less than 3 months no less. And decide to conveniently post it 5 days before the film (and I use that term loosely) is released.

Either way, if the studio was in on this in some way in order to make a viral video, they have definitely succeeded.

I’m still not going to see it. But I’m sure it”ll do wonders at the box office. I mean when movies like “Date Movie”, “Epic Movie” and “Disaster Movie” can have top movie weekends, I have no doubt that this can as well.

#6 Joe Rank ( KRANKY )
@ 1:14 am

That’s why he’s called “Boo-boo”.

#7 Eddie Pittman
@ 2:10 am

The character models are actually very different from the movie models. Look at them side by side to the movie trailer and you will quickly see for yourself.

#8 Dave Stephens
@ 5:56 am

Someone did a stellar job. And it’s at half a million views so far… This will be on CNN soon at this rate.

#9 Mike Lester
@ 6:39 am

Pretty sure that’s Andre’ 3000 singing at the end but does anybody know the track? I like it and easily the most interesting thing about the clip.

#10 Jynksie
@ 10:26 am

I’m officially traumatized! …. but beyond that, this was well executed (pardon the pun!)!!

#11 R Pyle
@ 10:28 am

Whatever the motive, it’s well made. Can anyone tell me what Yogi says? I couldn’t quite make it out.

#12 Philip Taterczynski
@ 2:11 pm

That’s not BooBoo – that’s Sarah Palin in a Furry getup.

#13 Keith Brown
@ 3:43 pm

He say’s “that poster’s a little dusty” which I believe was the same reference Jesse James made about the picture in his house. When he went to attend to it, Bob Ford shot him in the back of the head. So says the lore here in Missouri, though many believe Jesse’s death was faked.

#14 M. Bagwell
@ 8:01 am

Does this mean Pixie and Dixie will soon do in Mr. Jinks? What about Ding-a-ling, Blabber, Yackey Doodle (sic), Baba-Looey, and Heaven forbid Auggie Doggie?

#15 Rob Smith Jr
@ 12:36 pm

Bagwell is right! I’m very concerned of the safety of Top Cat and Magilla Gorilla!

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