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Interview: Bill Amend and Darby Conley

Amherst College alum Bill Amend and Darby Conley were brought together to discuss their work in cartooning. Bill is the creator of Foxtrot and Darby does Get Fuzzy. To my knowledge, Darby is a bit reclusive, so this interview is somewhat rare.

Download or listen through browser.

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 12:29 pm

Too bad the Chicago Tribune dropped Get Fuzzy earlier this year.

#2 Daniel Boris
@ 12:31 pm

Outstanding. Get Fuzzy is one of the best things going on the comics page…

#3 Daniel Boris
@ 1:23 pm

And always cool to hear other cartoonist’s processes.

#4 dave nelson
@ 1:33 pm

Since Conley isn’t a professional interviewer, it’s more of an awkward conversation between friends. That said, as an amateur cartoonist, I really appreciate the glimpse into both artists’ creative process. As I’ve told my friends, my dream come true and my worst nightmare are both to be syndicated.

#5 Daniel Boris
@ 2:45 pm

@ Dave – Your description of the interview is accurate. Haha!
I found that bit about how they work (writing especially), and their impressions of the daily deadlines very interesting.

#6 Shane Davis
@ 9:33 pm

Get Fuzzy has one of the strangest ‘tao’s out there, if you know what I mean. Sentence structure, language and interaction of the mains is just on a different frequency than any other comic strip I’ve ever read.

I love it.

#7 John Cole
@ 9:23 pm

What Shane wrote. Great dialogue and art plus genuinely funny gags. Bucky’s combo platter of impotent rage and sheer idiocy is wonderful. His relationship with Rob and Satch smacks of Barney riffing off Andy and Gomer.

#8 Daniel Boris
@ 11:05 am

Shane & John – Agree 100% The writing in Get Fuzzy is so great because it is so off the wall/different…love it! I aspire to do that in my own work.

#9 Joe Rank ( KRANKY )
@ 11:52 am

John, I see more of “The Honeymooners” shtick, with Bucky being Ralph with all of the “get rich quick” plans, Satchel being Ed as the oblivious comic foil, and Rob being the skeptical Alice.

Love the strip, though. Writing’s great… the art is so fitting, and the main character of a scheming one fanged Siamese cat being almost genius.

#10 dave nelson
@ 4:31 pm

Personally I’m more of a fan of Fox Trot. Maybe because his level of geek humor is just right for me. Jason mercenary mastermind character might be a bit formulaic but the whole family works together so well. Plus, Amend just seems like the nicest guy you’d like to meet.

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