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Spider-Man musical plagued with issues

The Spider-Man musical is in trouble. From CNN:

The production has been delayed for months, with opening dates postponed several times due to mostly technical difficulties with the special effects, flying tricks and stunts that take place on stage and over the audiences.

During rehearsals, an accident injured performers and crew, and on Sunday, November 28th, during the opening preview the performance had to be stopped several times. Local media reported that at one point lead performer Reeve Carney was left hanging over the audience during a flight/fight scene, while crews tried to bring him down.

The production’s opening has been postponed man times. New opening date is set for: January 11th.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Racine
@ 12:21 pm

Gosh, this is such a surprise. Having lived in NYC with an actress wife and many Broadway actor/director/producer friends, I think I can safely say that this is destined to be the biggest financial disaster flop in Broadway history. Don’t WANT it to be, but this was an ill-advised idea from day one…especially with a $65 million dollar budget. Good lord.

#2 Stephen Beals
@ 2:09 pm

The whole idea seems poisonous. Super hero movies are making a lot of money, so let’s put them on Broadway. Uh, no thanks.

But maybe Hugh Jackman could pull off an interesting one-man Wolverine show. It could be Springtime For Hitler funny.

#3 Tom Racine
@ 2:30 pm

I’m not against the general idea…if you told me 20 years ago you were doing “Les Miserables” I would’ve laughed you out of the room. Now I’m one of nine straight men in America who knows the entire score. :) Batman might lend itself to an opera-style over the top thing…but overall, it’s just the wrong market. Makes as much sense as a “Peanuts” adaptation of “Requiem for a Dream,” or “The Texas Chainsaw Preschool Romperoom.”

That and the fact that they thought dropping $65 million for a musical was prudent investing.

#4 Stephen Beals
@ 2:10 am

Good point. The immediate problem with a Texas Chainsaw Broadway musical of any kind, of course, is hearing the singing over the sound of the loud saw.

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