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Video: Jeff Stahler interviewed on CNN

Good to see Jeff Stahler on CNN.

Community Comments

#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 10:56 pm

You have to love a cartoonist who does a CNN interview in shorts.

#2 Dan Collins
@ 7:34 am

I was just in that attic studio a week and a half ago along with Jeff Smith and a few other NCS chapter bros. Shorts yes, Stacy but why the long sleeves? He must have turned on the AC.

#3 Clay Jones
@ 8:58 am

I met Jeff at my first convention, Memphis, 1991. I was star struck all week meeting all these guys who’s work I’d followed for years. First thing I did was congratulate Jeff on his Pulitzer. He quickly corrected me that it was Borgman, the other Cincy cartoonist, who won the Pulitzer, not him.
That was just one of my many doofus moments at that convention.

#4 Jeff Darcy
@ 10:57 am

This shows how tough the times are for the editorial cartooning
profession. Stahler has to work in sweat shop attic wearing shorts with the only light coming in from a hole in the roof
HANG IN THERE, JEFF! Obama says change is on the way!

#5 Dan Bielinski
@ 5:57 pm

Stahler’s work is always awesome. He has nice legs, too.

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