Scott Kurtz returns to self-publishing

PvP creator Scott Kurtz is returning to self-publishing for his latest print collection of his webcomic. Scott had a eight year relationship with Image Comics, but he cites a changing market for his decision.

“Over the last three years our business has shifted. Sales through brick-and-mortar stores are declining and online sales are increasing. Readers who discovered PvP in comic shops have shifted from monthly readers to online readers, and their buying habits have changed. The monthly floppy is selling less and the trade paperbacks are selling more, says Kurtz.”

All of his collections will still be available from Image Comics through Diamond Distribution.

5 thoughts on “Scott Kurtz returns to self-publishing

  1. I’ve always admired Scott’s ability to separate what he’d like to see happen from what will pay the bills. He’s usually just far enough ahead of the game that what appears to be risk taking at time turns out to have been the safest move.

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