The Jeff Kinney and Lincoln Peirce connection

Michael Cavna writes about the history between Diary of a Whimpy Kid creator Jeff Kinney and Big Nate creator Lincoln Peirce.

It was the early ’90s, and Kinney was an aspiring cartoonist at the University of Maryland, as well as a big fan of the comic strip “Big Nate,” which he read in The Post. Kinney wanted advice on how to break into the business, so he wrote several cartoonists, including Peirce, creator of the recently syndicated “Big Nate.”

Up in New Hampshire, Peirce was struck by Kinney’s outreach. “His letter was so different from other letters,” Peirce recalls. “And not just because it was five to six pages long. Even early on, he was very talented and very ambitious.”

Instead of eyeing him warily, Peirce did the professionally generous thing: “I wrote him back.”

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