Five left in America’s Next Great Cartoonist

Good luck to the finalists.

27 thoughts on “Five left in America’s Next Great Cartoonist

  1. @Jim

    I thought about making the Udder pun (I have a cow mailbox, so I feel obliged to..) but I was afraid they would kick me out of the contest, lol.

    Thanks for making it… made my day!


  2. Good luck to all. But I am still confused. Have they drawn ten dailies and one Sunday so far? What exactly is that? It seems like trying to get a novel published based on two pages of text.

  3. @ Zach: Hey, man! You’re the only Finalist I’ve corresponded with during this contest – all on this blog. Where IS everybody else? LOL!

    Good luck heading into this final vote!


  4. @David, Thanks for the luck!

    @Steve Actually it was only 6 dailies and now one Sunday… It’s very little to go on but keep in mind they got 500 entries, that’s 3,000 strips to read and judge!

    @Daniel Right back at ya! I think the “gag-a-days” are taking this contest way to seriously… 😀

    Thanks, good luck to you too…. I mean I still want to win… but if I lose I’d rather you win than the others, so good luck in that respect, lol.

  5. @ Zachary: You have a good sense of humor and that is why you are a Finalist, man! And you’ll continue to improve as you move forward with your strip. Again, congrats and good luck!


  6. @Daniel: Awwww… [Blush]

    Stupid Inventor is my first ever comic strip, when I started the strip is was just a mater of “If I had my own strip, and I would be the only one who read it, what would it be?” and this is what I came up with and started drawing twice a week… and will continue to draw for as long as I can.

    This whole contest is just icing on the cake… super mega-amazing icing, but icing none-the-less!

    Thanks again for the kind words!
    Good Luck*!

    *Not to good, lol… 😉

  7. Hey gentlemen! (and Zack and Daniel-)

    You are not alone.

    Some of us have regular jobs that we would like to keep until we learn how Dan and Zack blackmailed Mike and Amy to pick them over 400 other excellent artists. So we can only jump on these discussions when all of our projects are done.
    You’ll hurt each other if you keep pounding yourselves on the back so much (Yes, I’m jealous. You couldn’t tell?)
    Anyway, good luck to you. You’re in a great place to be right now. (Sorry guys. I voted for Olivia. I like her humor. I like your humor too, but hers is more my kind of humor.)

    Peter, great cartoons. I like them. I like your blogspot. Nice.
    Are you acting as your own shrink?
    Talking to yourself is one thing, talking yourself into doing stuff and saying your shrink did it is strange-

    Could that be a series of comics?
    Talk amongst yourselves and get back to me with an answer.

    Take care!

  8. @ Duane: I have no recollection any transfer of wealth to said judges, and that is definitely definitely not me in that surveillance footage!

    Humor is a very subjective thing, so no worries on who you voted for and no offense taken. There are many solid finalists remaining, so how this final vote will go is anybody’s guess.

    Again, congrats and good luck to the remaining Finalists!

  9. @Daniel:
    You bribed the judges too?!?!?

    We should have chipped in, it would probably have been cheaper…. 😛

    @Duane: The 5 Finalists are all very different strips so no offense taken if one of them happens to tickle your fancy more… as long as the majority likes my strip, all is well.

    @Daniel: Is your back hurting yet from all the patting? Mine is fine so far, but my knee is still hurting from slapping it while laughing at our daily strips, and my sides still hurt from splitting at our Sunday strips… 😉

  10. @ Zachary: It is through much grimacing that I type this message. I’m late for my chiropractor appointment, so I must go…

    Less than 24 hours to go.
    See ya on the other side, my friend!


    ; ))

  11. @Daniel:
    Less than 24 hours? Now I’m picturing Jack Bauer throwing a table and yelling at a terrorist, “VOTE FOR STUPID INVENTOR! WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!”….

    Right back at ya!

  12. Being a licensed practictioner of the shrink arts, actually I AM my own shrink.

    Biggest problem is that getting objectivity is very elusive. ( The biggest benefit of this relationship is I keep my billing to ourselves low ).

    Besides Plum Loco Comic . . . The latest idea being developed ON the blog right now amd more exciting to us is BULJERT now at

    Welcome any comments!



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