Which actors would you star in comic strip to silver screen movie?

Insipred by the Marmaduke’s jump to the big screen, last week we entertained which comic strips we would like to see make the jump. The Vancouver Sun went one step further and assigned Hollywood actors they see best playing in a Calvin and Hobbes, Hagar The Horrible, Dilbert, The Far Side, Andy Capp, or Archie.

It should be noted that reports have been posted that a live action Dilbert movie is being planned. The Sun suggests Jason Statham as Dilbert, Danny DeVito as the pointy-haired boss, Steve Buscemi as Wally, Nicole Kidman as Alice and Seth MacFarlane as Dogbert. Personally, Devito and Buscemi would be perfect for those roles. Anyone other than Drew Carey for Dilbert wouldn’t seem right.

17 thoughts on “Which actors would you star in comic strip to silver screen movie?

  1. Hey here’s an idea!

    Give the voice part to a voice talent that isn’t already earning millions making movies. Why do I need to hear a celebrity voice? This is just another example of the homogenization of our culture.

  2. it should be noted that the Sun also came up with their own plot for the Dilbert movie:

    one day, he[Dilbert] snaps. The resulting killing spree sees Dilbert use office supplies to vivisect and garrotte his way through floor after floor of the downtown tower, turning his white-collar world into a sea of red!

  3. Notice the title of this thread isn’t, Which actors would you star in a GOOD comic strip to silver screen movie.

    However, I have to confess. I kind of liked the Garfield movie. I find myself watching it every time it comes on cable.

  4. Actually, for Hagar the Horrible I’d want someone like Robbie Coltrane or John Rhys-Davies. For Andy Capp, I’d look to someone like Andy Serkis. Or maybe Ricky Gervais — who doesn’t really look the part, but could no doubt play the heck out of it.

  5. As a continuously confessing Bloom County die hard, I’d love to see a live action/cgi mix film done, but only if Breathed wrote it. It would HAVE to be see in the 1980’s due to the inescapable ‘eightiesness’ of BC, but that’s cool. I wouldn’t even care if the plot was lifted straight from the strip.

    Just as long as the cgi critters were faithful to the originals and ‘interacted’ well with their human counterparts.

    Opus: Steve Carell (voice)
    Binkley: Michael Cera
    Milo Bloom: Rainn Wilson
    Cutter John: Jon Hamm
    Bill the Cat: Jack Black (primarily sound effects)
    Portnoy: Jason Mewes
    Hodge Podge: Kevin Smith
    Oliver Wendell Jones: Donald Faison
    Steve Dallas: a very smart alecky Ron Livingston

    All other roles are less important, but it would be cool to see cameos (in person or voice) from folks that were ‘big’ in the 80’s; Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phyllis Schlafly, Jerry Falwell, Madonna, Phil Donahue , Jeane Kirkpatrick to name a few…

  6. @ Shane:

    “As a continuously confessing Bloom County die hard”

    Me too, and I must say:

    “Binkley: Michael Cera”

    THAT is brilliant! Great. Now I’m going to have to start my own BC cast. Thanks Shane and Alan! 😉

  7. @David Essman,

    They already made that movie. It was called “Office Space.” If Milo isn’t Dilbert on his last sane brain cell I don’t know who he is.

    @Garey McKee,

    If you have seen Zombieland you know a dying Bill Murrey’s one regret was Garfield!.

    As for my choice with comic movies. I would like to see Owen Wilson as Marmaduke. No CGI. Not “as the voice of.”

    Just slap a collar on that chowderhead and turn him loose! I’d pay $10 to see that.

  8. I like how Lorenzo Music played both Garfield and Peter Venkman in the animated series’, and Bill Murray played both characters in the movies.

    I agree with Josh about Robbie Coltrane for Hagar the Horrible, although studios would never go for it because ‘Hagar’ sounds too much like ‘Hagrid’.

  9. After seeing “How to Train Your Dragon” recently, I can’t help but think that Craig Ferguson would make a good voice for Hagar if they made it as an animated feature. But, that could be because it is still fresh in my mind.

  10. Vince, that would be priceless. If they ever marketed Hagar right, I’d be happy to hear Craig Ferguson voice him in an animated commercial. Maybe have Mary Jo Pehl (MST3K) voice Helga.

  11. I’ve been told I have a great cartoon voice. Okay, I’ve never been told that, but I can do a number of voices…Elmo, Marvin the Martian, the Cookie Monster, and a number of others. My best is probably Pee Wee Herman. I often get requests from folks for the Pee Wee voice.

    Steve and I will both give you a great voice over rate.

  12. I agree that we don’t need “Hollywood” actors to do a voiceover job, but it’s fun to tie famous people to the characters just for grins. Although my favorite comics are typically ruined by the animation process, and I don’t know if I could bear having anyone’s voice ever after tied to Calvin or Hobbes (Chevy Chase? God no!).

  13. How about Frank Welker for a variety of roles–at least if the movies are making use of Claymation(R) or Pixar(R) type technology? Better yet, produce more animated cartoons which are DRAWN!!!! (Remember the Curious George movie a couple of years back?)

  14. Alas, Frank Welker is dead, but he was the best animal “voice” man in Hollywood. For example, he played the voice of the Horse in Beauty and the Beast. Before he was famous for just animal stuff, he was a voice man for Hanna-Barbera in the sixties.

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