The Daily Cross Hatch interivews Jonathan Rosenberg

Earlier this month, Jonathan Rosenberg made news by announcing that he was considering bringing his webcomic Goats to and end and focus on other projects. The Daily Cross Hatch interviews Jonathan about his plans for Goats and future plans in general.

You’ve seen a lot of strips come and go, since then. You’ve seen what works and what doesn’t online. As you noted, the vast majority of successful strips are self-contained. Have you begun approaching at the creation of the strip from a marketing/business point-of-view?

I think you have to. Am I doing it solely for that? If all I wanted to do was make money, I’d go back to building Websites. I’m doing it because I love to make comics. But in order for me to make comics full-time, I need to make sure that I do it in a way that’s financially feasible. When one thing doesn’t work, you have to be able to admit it, make a change, and be willing to try something different. I’m hoping that the overall result is something that might be more fun for people and more financially successful for me.