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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day is tomorrow. What will happen?

Tomorrow is the accidentily set date for everyone to draw the Prophet Mohammed. Open discussion – is anyone participating? What are your predictions about what will happen tomorrow? A non-event day, or will it go viral causing riots in the streets. Take a position now. Tomorrow we’ll see.

Community Comments

#1 Ed Harrington
@ 11:30 am

I’m not joining in. Don’t really see the point of this exercise. Depicting Mohammed may piss-off a few extremists, but it is also considered offensive to the majority on non-violent, peaceful Muslims.

I predict that not much will happen. (I also thought that the internet was a dumb idea when it first came out. Oh well.)

#2 dan reynolds
@ 11:38 am

What an asinine exercise. There’s no more reason to offend someone else’s religion than, say, Christianity.

It’s extremists who are at fault here, not religious people.

Anyone who participates in this exercise of futility is a self-proclaimed hate monger.

#3 dan reynolds
@ 11:40 am

Correction…I meant to say…
There?s no more reason to offend someone else?s religion nor more than there’s any reason to offend Christianity.

#4 Ben Carlsen
@ 2:03 pm

Yeah, I find it just as silly as something like “Everybody write down and say the full name of God day” in order to annoy a few orthodox Jews.

I realize the point of this is for cartoonists to speak out against the extremists that are threatening to kill other cartoonists… but is it really a good idea to give them a reason for MORE death threats against cartoonists?

#5 Art Dawson
@ 2:11 pm

What the %&*^@! For what reason would anyone in his or her right mind do this? This is about spreading hate..plain and simple. If the organizers of this exercise insist on campaigning for trouble, I predict they will win this election. This is just wrong! Peace!

#6 dan reynolds
@ 2:38 pm

I think this is one we can all agree on. Maybe we should draw a cartoon about the person who came up with this lame idea.

#7 Tom Wood
@ 3:09 pm

Of course, I don’t agree with you Dan, at all.

Those of you who don’t follow the godless blogs may not have heard of The Great Desecration. No?

PZ Myers, a biologist, blogs at ScienceBlogs at his blog called Pharyngula. He writes about the silly things that faith can lead to. He wrote about a story of a young man who walked out of a Catholic church with a Eucharist in his mouth. And received death threats for harming Jesus.

So Myers asked his readers to send him some blessed Eucharist crackers so he could defile one. And he did. And he got death threats. Over a cracker.

the backstory

the desecration

So making fun of religious icons is about raising consciousness and challenging the assertion that any of these icons have ANY special value at all.

Because they don’t.

And yeah, I’m doing a cartoon for tomorrow, but it’s more of an equal opportunity bit of ridicule.

#8 August J. Pollak
@ 3:28 pm

“Maybe we should draw a cartoon about the person who came up with this lame idea.”

I already did this the first time the moron pitched it.

My prediction is he’ll spend Friday wondering what he can do for a sixteenth minute.

#9 Dave Stephens
@ 3:44 pm

Yee HA! Just keep on “raising consciousness,” you cartoonists, you! LOL

Hubris much?

#10 Darryl Heine
@ 3:51 pm

Maybe they could censor it like for South Park’s “201” episode.

#11 Steve Skelton
@ 3:56 pm

Best to just ignore radical extremism! It’s worked out well in the past.

#12 Ted Rall
@ 5:15 pm

I think EDM Day is stupid. But–

@Dave: Cartoons can and have changed people’s minds on a host of issues big and small. Political cartoons have halted development projects, ruined politicians, and killed party talking points. They have helped enact, and block, legislation.

You might not think any of these things matter, but for those of us who care about the world and its future, even a small chance to change something for the better is more than enough motivation to get up in the morning.

#13 Mike Rhode
@ 7:06 pm

The cartoonist herself has decried the event. Also, she’s on the linked radio show 3x which are pretty interesting.

‘Everbody Draw Mohammed’ cartoonist: I’m against my own concept becoming a reality

#14 dan reynolds
@ 7:52 pm

You’ll be delighted to know it’s fine that you don’t agree with me, at all.
You don’t have to.
That’s totally your choice what you believe. We all have free will.

It’s my belief that all that is disrespectful. God has “big shoulders”, though. That anyone thinks they can somehow demean God by desecration shows a total lack of understanding of what God is about. God is a four letter word, but that word is “love”. If you hate love, then you hate God. If you believe love is a good thing, even if you say you don’t believe in God, then I believe we’re playing a game of semantics.

#15 dan reynolds
@ 7:54 pm

Good point, Mike. I heard that, too.

#16 Rick Schmitz
@ 10:27 pm

Not participating.

It seems more like a high school prank meant to piss people off rather than any sort of meaningful expression of our first amendment rights.

#17 Dave Stephens
@ 1:52 am

I agree – it’s a lowering, not a raising, of consciousness. It’s flipping ‘the bird’ at a policeman “just because.”

Nice to know that Ted and I agree – EDM day is exceptionally stupid. And yes, Ted, cartoons, like editorials, can sway the public. Not commonly, not often, but when they do, it’s as powerful a medium as anything on the planet.

#18 Kelly McNutt
@ 6:55 am

I’m not participating – I have better things to spend my time on.

#19 Shane Davis
@ 8:21 am


>It?s flipping ?the bird? at a policeman ?just because.?<

Yeah, wish I had a dollar for every…eh, nevermind….

#20 Tom Wood
@ 8:32 am

@Dave – Religion is a culture-induced mass delusion.

Atheists are pointing out that not only is the emperor naked, the emperor is not an emperor, and doesn’t exist at all. That’s consciousness raising because it shines the light on the grand lie. It’s opening the door to questioning the status quo on faith. There are people much better at it than I, but we can all do some part.

That’s not hubris, it’s just seeing something wrong in the world and saying something about it.

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