Nine more cartoonist off to Germany on USO tour

Jeff Bacon emailed me to tell me that another USO tour is planned for nine cartoonist to visit wounded troops. The dispatched cartoonist include Bruce Higdon (team leader), Mason Mastroianni, Chad Carpenter, Ray Alma, Dave Mowder, Ed Steckley, Tom Stiglich, Stephen Silver and Rob Harrell. The trip is scheduled for April 26-30 and the cartoonist will visit Walter Reed/Bethesda in DC, and Landstuhl, Germany. The USO is funding the entire trip.

3 thoughts on “Nine more cartoonist off to Germany on USO tour

  1. It’s fantastic that this is getting such great support, and validating the role of cartoonists as entertainers.
    Oh, wait – I see that the plural of ‘cartoonist’ is ‘cartoonist’… like sheep, I suppose.

  2. I’ve been told that, based on a recent poll of servicemen overseas, these trips by cartoonists are what the troops favor the most. How cool is that?

  3. Thanks to all the guys who came to visit us. I’ve always wanted to be an animator/cartoonist but my path lead me to the Airforce. I’m happy with the way my life turned out, but, I have always kept art in it (and now my kids lives as well). I even ran a weekly comic strip when I was down range a few years back that depicted daily life for us in Iraq. After the cartoonists visit last week I picked my sketch pad back up after a long rest… thanks again!!!

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