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Meet the Press will now attribute cartoonists

Good news from Editor & Publisher.

“We love cartoonists and cartoons which is why we like to show them on ‘Meet the Press,’ the show said in a statement released by an NBC Universal spokesperson. ” So often they perfectly capture and get to the heart of the matter. Not mentioning the cartoonists by name has been an completely unintentional oversight and we promise we will give them all the credit they deserve moving forward.”

Hat tip to Rob Tornoe for making this an issue.

Community Comments

#1 Eddie Pittman
@ 12:15 pm

Translated: “We never knew that someone actually created these cartoons! And what? They get paid for it?!?”

#2 Rob Tornoe
@ 3:47 pm

In all fairness, Matt Bors was the first one to bring this issue up, so credit should go where it’s due.

Now the next step should be to convince these networks to start booking cartoonists on these talking head shows.

#3 Jim Lavery
@ 7:58 am

Whenever anyone uses the phrase “moving forward” you know they’re serious, man.

#4 Stephanie McMillan
@ 8:02 am

That’s good! It would be even better if they would pay the cartoonists too.

#5 Jim Lavery
@ 8:10 am

They’ll be “moving forward” checks to the cartoonists any day now.

#6 Milt Priggee
@ 9:22 am

No pay AND no attribution……? That’s the kind of love editorial cartoonists can do without. Their words do not meet their actions….and we all know- actions speak louder than words.
We’ll see if their “moving forward” includes actions.

#7 Tom Wood
@ 9:40 am

Doesn’t copyright cover all media throughout the universe, or whatever that phrase is? Holding a cartoon up to a video camera and broadcasting it is use in a different media. How many millions of views of each cartoon did they broadcast? Each one a potential copyright infringement.

#8 Beth Cravens
@ 12:49 pm

We love cartoons and cartoonists, just not in any monetary sort of way.

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